Land-based Physical Therapy - Poochy Pilates! Doga!

Poochy Pilates? Doga? Or rather land based physical therapy uses the fundamentals of pilates and yoga to give your companion a full-body workout, focusing on low impact, slow and controlled movement .


These dog-derived terms are used in jest, however, these therapy sessions are not to be taken lightly. Consider doing a handstand, balancing on one foot, standing on a bosu ball or holding a plank pose for 5 minutes? This is what your companion will be doing, building strength in a completely different way. Pilates focuses on core strength, emphasizing muscle toning, strength, body control and flexibility. Yoga focuses more on balance while developing broad muscle groups. Both pilates and yoga, target muscle groups throughout the entire body.


These same principles have been used to develop canine and feline land based physical therapy. In these sessions companions are prevented from using momentum to perform activities making them focus on the use of targeted muscle groups. These exercises, focusing on control and balance, are not usually part of a companion’s daily activities thus we are able to specifically focus on areas to be strengthened and correct compensatory patterns. The companion’s core is a muscle group often overlooked, however, is critical in recovery and injury prevention. The key to these therapeutic and conditioning exercises is slow controlled movement. We focus on quality of movement over quantity.


Physical therapy makes use of physio balls, balance boards, cavalettis and other equipment promoting balance, strengthening and proprioceptive awareness. It improves the function and mobility of joints and muscles, reducing pain and enhancing recovery from disease, injury or surgery. The results of physical therapy also improve quality of life, help prevent injury and counteract degeneration.


We focus on consistent progress, steadily improving and maintaining your companion’s quality of life.


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